Aquaponics - Updates 16 Aug

Tomatoes, not that encouraging. There are few fruiting, I will need to try different variety. Over here most tomatoes are grown in the highlands where its cool and more sunshine.
The right variety will do well, I grown tomatoes on soil before and they do well. Its a challenge now to do it Aquaponics. I have a seed package will try that one next.
These particular tomatoes I use fresh tomato from the supermarket and sow them, so their origin may be different from what I wanted.
The growbed was new and haven't cycle or mature, I do not want to waste a packed seed yet.
There are sign of "White Flies" I don't know what the English name but over here we call it Bena Putih, Putih = White and Bena is the equivalent to Flea,, So "White Flea" if I do a direct translation.

I can't use pesticide, the fish will be affected. There are traditional remedy for this that is totally save for Aquaponics. I'll try to make it and see whether it work, then I'll post the instruction.


  1. Maybe use a beetle called Pallas (Harmonia axyridis). So find them in nature and place them in the plants, they eat those flys I guess ;) more info:

  2. Thanks Jeffrey,

    Will try to look for them, its going to be difficult to get one over here.