Aquaponics - Updates 14 Aug

A bit of an update, not much happening. Home kit that I'm building should be ready by this weekend. That steel rack that I ordered still in the making.
Chinese Celery above germinating, its not that encouraging looking at it growth. It going to be tough for these guys to survive.
Chives also germinating, this is worst nothing to shout about. Will it grow, I don't know.. we'll see.
This is easy to grow, we call it Kesum (Vietnamese Coriander) kind of herb, good for variety of Asian dishes. Its a must for most kitchen over here. Kesum grow from cuttings.
Chillies doing fine, some shots of Chili, still green and they are quite large and each plant have on average have 2 or 3 Chillies.
Another shot of those Chillies. Tomatoes are forming but I'm not happy with it. I could have choosen a wrong variety for my locality. Will try another next time.

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