Aquaponics - Climbing Perch

Climbing Perch (Puyu) is a very hardy fish. These guys can live in water with low oxygen and high in everything. This is one of the reason I am a bit reluctant to have this fish for my Aquaponics setup.

To learn about water quality and Oxygen content will not be possible with this fish.
However, my in-laws came over from the village and brought about 100+ Climbing Perch. I didn't put them in my present tank, I prepare a tank specially for them.

This tank is for my new "Home Kit" that I'm assembling, looks like Climbing Perch will be the "Temporary Resident" in it.

Tank need to be covered with netting to prevent fish from jumping out, yes this fish is famous for jumping out and escaping to nearby drains.

This fish is a favorite among locals to rear indoor, usually one or two fish is put in small aquarium and place it inside the house.

Folklore and belief is that, this fish will ward off Vampire (Pontianak) due to its spike which were use to poke the neck of Vampires.

Another one is some belief fish never sleep, so this prevent Black Magic spell from being cast to a house where all its occupant sleep. This Black Magic is call "Pukau" which will cause all occupant to continue sleeping while people coming in and steal their belongings.

As I said its Folklore and beliefs.

There are too many fish, so yesterday I give away some to kids in the neighborhood, they came over with buckets and tupperware and each kids I gave 2 fish for them to upkeep.

Maybe this can make them interested in Aquaponics later on.
Fish tank all cover up, and a shade provided to give some protection from the sun. My grow beds will be over this tank once the steel support frame ready.


  1. Yes you can,, it should be bigger that that in about 6 months

  2. Normally we make pickle fish from these, due to its small size.

    That's a delicacy here.. Deep fried pickle fish and steamed rice.. wow.. :)