Aquaponics - Updates 3rd Sept

Firstly I have to apologise to all that following this blog for not updating my progress.

This year fasting month's really take a toll on us here, unpredictable weather and the H1N1 flu makes matter worst.

I will be a bit slow from late August till end September.

I bought a new camcorder, one of those "youtube optimised ultra cheap don't waste your money" kinda thing so that I could make better video on Aquaponics. Look forward for the right moment to use it.
Tomatoes and chillies got infested by "White Flies" and I had to destroy them. Stop growing them for a while to get things stabilized, meanwhile I plant herb like mint, basil, coriander and others.

Photo above are those Basil, this I do from cutting so does Mint below. It still in patches here and there.

Fern don't need an update.. they are wild... :)
The Tilapia doing great, they grow very fast and no more fatality with the young ones. In a month time they should be palatable.

Water PH just check yesterday at 7.5, look like its stabilized at that figure. I've drain some water out due to it rain almost daily and high water may cause insufficient oxygen. The water flowing out from the siphon outlet just not high enough to cause a good mix.

As I mention, it will be a bit slow this next few weeks. My home kit not assembled yet, that will be done later.


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