White Flies Revisited - This Time its WAR... :(

This is more difficult to get rid compared to stubborn dictators. White flies making a comeback, a nightmare for Aquapons because we are so limited in using insecticide. Malation is a no go, its a "No Fly Zone" for us Peaceful Aquaponics Enthusiast.

I am trying this out, Lemon Grass Spray..., doesn't sound "High Tech" don't use anything that's classified as weapon of mass destruction.. but I hope it will work.
Lemon Grass Spray, its more for cleaning than for killing anything like insect, but the lable did mention that its safe and will repel insect from house plants. So the keyword "Insect", "Plant" and "Safe"
I hope it'll be as good as the girl in the label otherwise no point of putting her there.
"Anti harmful insect in the flowers plants or fruits" so this statement says it all.... unless its some marketing gimmicks.
The Guinea Pigs would surely be my Cherry Tomato plants, always eager to be of service.
Let see what happen, hope it don't fall under "My blunders" category.

Note : I am not promoting this product. I don't own the company, I wish I do. 


  1. Honestly, what seem works against the aphids are the mist droplet + soap solution. So call lemon grass spray are pretty useless against pests.

    A 15 ringgit pump spray with solution mix with very low concentration soap will kill aphids, and it is fun. However, that doesn't prevent them from coming back. I bet the plant also love the phosphate inside the soap. :)

  2. I think there is some soapy solution in there.

  3. Just a note to say I love your blog, and your humor. I read every day, and am working on a single barrel for my first try. Thanks for your help, and I will be watching the "No Fly Zone".

  4. Thanks Lou, the single barrel actually works quite well. Just ensure you get the thicker barrel, if you intend to put growbed on top.

  5. amacam bro..berhasil tak? saya punya pokok dah abis dicantas,takut merebak. kalau berhasil boleh beli satu.. 6 pun takpelah.

  6. Zul, ini untuk lap meja punya spray, kesan sampinggan dia kasi halau serangga. Kalau ikut label dia memang gempak.. tapi tak berani kata apa lagi lah..

    Beli aja satu..., sama sama cuba try test. Kemungkinan kena dilute dulu.. kerana pekat sangat kalau spray direct... tapi aku hentam direct spray saja.

  7. Love this blog. Have you tried garbage enzyme?

  8. @Rem, I have I barrel done, but still not using it. I have to try it one of this day.

    I never mention anything about garbage enzyme or now they called in eco-enzyme, because I am yet to use what I had made.

  9. On this one, I have tried it against ants and spiderbugs...DID NOT WORK...the fragrance didn't last long either...it works against my two cats but not on bugs they just kept coming back. So, what have I tried that worked?

    1) Waterbased Insect Spray - Affnan's Suggestion
    2) King Kong Ant Poison - Very effective!
    3) Soapy Solution - Also effective against ants

    Next to try:

    1) Onion, Garlic, Pepper - Solution to combat aphids, they're not here yet...