Tilapia Breeding - Fresh Batch of Fry Update 23rd March 2010

Getting bigger these fry, some already aggressive in its behavior.
They like to swim around the water drop area from upper nursery tank, which now hold few gold fish from the single barrel set that undergoing a make-over.
These are mixed from 3 separate breeder, that's why the different in size.
I feed them with mixture of smaller pellets and powdered feed mostly from rice bran. They grow fast and soon I'll put the bigger ones into main tank.


  1. Fish shouldn't swim to the surface this often. Is this sign of oxygen depletion?

  2. Could be, but they attracted to water disturbance. Sufficient aeration provided by the siphon outlet, nursery tank overflow and aeration pump.

    Still, I need to monitor whether only their peculiar behavior or as what you had mentioned.

  3. Been busy past few months with my studies, look like you are doing well. Quite a while ago my father modified our fish tank so that we only use one pump for two tanks. Then recently I've discovered that the first tank without pump had about a hundred or so tiny tilapias. They are breeding well I guess considering a water overflow system causes less stress to fish and allows those tiny fishes to swim safely about. So I guess there's no need to restock my tilapia for Ramadhan...my mother really like cooking them for fast breaking or sahur...

  4. @Arthoz, good to hear that your setup doing well and producing. One thing about Tilapia, they will breed easily if you don't over stock the tank.

    Over stocking will somehow reduce their ability to breed.