Tilapia - Halt on the Breeding

As previous post, having too many fry and to little space. I just have to do something.
All the Tilapia in the breeder tank gone back to the holding tank, decide to stop the fry production due too many and I need space for the present batch.
All fry into bottom tank now and let them grow for few weeks and transfer into main tank.
Nursery tank as use for fry is now empty.
I'll make this nursery tank into growbed, with mini valve, just what I need a growbed to further test my mini siphon.


  1. En affnan, where did u get your blue tanks.? Average price berapa? Thanks.

    1. Those blue tank I got from Batu Cave area, they do whole sale and retail. Half the price at normal aquarium shop. http://www.ehkaquatics.com/ their price is best in the country. Can't remember the exact price, visit their site and call them, they are very helpful too.