Single Barrel Aquaponics - Special Request

It all started : Here. I made my first single barrel Aquaponics kit. Someone asked me for a demo unit small enough to be portable.

This single barrel kit suit that request. So I proceed in getting another barrel, cut it in 2 as previous set, however this time with slight improvement in the cut out to strengthen it.
Growbed will be on top as previous, this barrel is a bit thinner then what I got the last time. As a demo set it should hold growbed weight. I'll need to do a trial run like 2 weeks to test it.
I'm not using cable tie or zip ties this time, instead I decide to do lacing, its far stronger then cable ties and last longer too. This below is industrial strength lacing cord.
All done, I let it stand in the sun to get all expansion and looseness sweat it out.
Siphon outlet and water inlet fittings done, siphon is 20mm stand pipe with 32mm reducer as my  revised mini valve in this single barrel kit and water inlet is 15mm pipe with saddle valve as diversion and  a very low capacity pump.
Plumbings, Siphon and Pumps next, I continue this evening. I am going to visit another Aquapon place this afternoon.
Side by side comparison the old and new, cannot finish this kit today, it started to rain.

Update 19th March 2011 - This new barrel is too soft, it will not able to hold the growbed weight. I'll use the old set for this demo if I am not able to get another barrel of thicker wall.
Clearly cannot be use, its buckling under gb weight.
The old barrel set below looks good, so now I know not all barrel are equal the darker it colour the thicker its wall. Have to watch out next time, but don't ever use the black barrel its may hold poisonous or corrosive material.
I have to do up this old barrel and make it look good for the exhibition, no time to get a new set, this one is already proven to work.

Come to think of it, if I had chosen the softer barrel during my earlier attempt in making this single barrel kit I may have not made it. Thinking all barrel are soft and not use able.

Update 24th March 2011

Getting worst and cannot be use.
The old Barrel Kit revived and ready for the expo.


  1. Salam and Hello,
    Great blog you have here. I've learned a lot reading your blog and videos pass this few months. I have a 6 month rustic aquaphonic setup too, just for testing and hobby.
    For your single barrel, I suggest you prop things up by making bamboo frames as it is very cheap.
    I'm planning to built my first bell valve. I' gonna install it in a water tank, and the level needed is approx 3 feet. Will a 3 feet high bell valve works?

  2. 3 ft is very high, I have tried 2 ft, it work. The 2 ft bell valve I use 32mm ~ 25mm reducer with a 50mm bell. Its slim to eliminate the problem of premature water cut-off. The link is :

    Its my just for fun project.

  3. Hello Affnan,
    I love your blog. Can you please tell me what a good height for a fish tank is? Everything I read says 3 feet of water depth is best. But I also see you and other use very shallow fish tanks. This is for Tilapia. THANK YOU!!

  4. Hi JonBoe, my water level is max at 1.5 ft, this is however in Sunny tropical area, if your are temperature is cold then the deeper the better.

    I did not experience any problem even at 1 ft. If you have no issue with temperature,, then 1.5 ft will do nice.