Tilapia - These are 3 months old

Quickie photo of my 3 months old Tilapia, it was from the end of year harvest video.
Here is when they were fry.

I try hard not to overfeed them, to prevent excess protein in water.
Above their cousins about 1 months old.


  1. Affnan,
    I haven't tried this yet, but I was thinking that aquaponics could make use of a technology similar to what they use to treat drinking water in 3rd world countries to make a fry hatchery.

    What I'm imagining is a 55 gallon barrel with gravel on the bottom, sand on top to about 40-50% of the height. Above that, you'd have the water that the fry live in. You would put a pipe with fiberglass window screen around it under the gravel as a drain. Drill a bunch of holes in it. Then have it leave the barrel via a bulkhead fitting, then use a 90 degree elbow and bring the pipe up to the same height as what you want the maximum water level to be (maybe a little less than that). Then add another 90 degree elbow, and you can run the water back into your other fish tank.

    In this way, the water would be filtered through the sand/gravel and in essence, treated of the waste produced by the fry/fingerlings. That way, you could just feed them as much as they want to eat, and you wouldn't be adding excess nutrients back into your normal fish tank.

  2. Hi Brian,

    That would work to filter water from the nursery, but it may leave the nursery part having all the filtered residue.

    Previous I had a separate nursery tank, and just over flow it into main tank where the other bigger fish lives. Situation not that bad, its just that I have to limit their feed.

    BTW, Aquaponics Tilapia taste good, better than the ones in earth ponds or non Aquaponics concrete tank.

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