HUGG - Help Us Go Green

A replacement video which is more general and timeless - Help Us Go Green


  1. syabas bro.. sesuatu yang boleh dibanggakan... tabik spring...

  2. Terima kasih zul, susah jugak nak dapat perakuan pengguna. Tetapi lepas setahun, tak dapat disangkal lagi apa yang saya temui.

  3. Hello Affnan, we have been learning a lot from your blog. We are eager to start a system here in Hawaii. We can buy a 650 gallon tank or a 300 gallon tank to start. How many fish do we need for each size tank? How much planting area would this support? We're not sure if we should start with the 300 or 650 gallon tank. The larger tank is not that much more expensive. We'll probably get smaller tanks for the breeding and nursery as you have demonstrated in your videos. Thanks for the info!

  4. Hi Upcountry808, if you give me a choice I would go for the bigger tank since its not much more than the smaller tank.

    My rule of thumb would be 1 mature fish for each gallon of water max (shark and barramundi don't count), please check with others too since everyone have difference preference. Average out and see what best for you.

    Don't forget, the number of fish directly dependent on growbed area. I would suggest a 1:1 ratio for a start for grow bed, then you could do 1:2, then 1:3.

    If you cannot have big growbed area initially, just limit on number of fish to 2 or 3 fish to each gallon of growbed area, again these figures are from my practice.

    Hawaii, have beautiful weather for Aquaponics, been there about 6 times... I almost though I'm local.


  5. Hi Affnan, so pleased to see your quick reply. Eager to get set up, and turn our traditional garden into an aquaponics setup. Wish I could find those nice blue tubs I see in your videos. We are on Maui, weather is nice. Will let you know how we progress. Thanks again! Love your videos and we'll be making your bell siphon design. :-)

  6. I'm proud to be your fan.. ;) May your passion continues and benefit others to live a more greener planet.
    I suggest you add bamboo to your frame setups. It is greener, cheap, cooler and can last long if you preserved it. A mix of bamboo, blue buckets, and green foliage will enhance your lanscape.
    For water pumps, you can use cheap solar fountain pumps (head about 1.5 feet) sells about RM100 nowadays.

  7. @acanov, the solar fountain pumps is a good idea, any suggestion where I gould get them.

    Bamboo is ideal for making frames and less harmful too. We used to use bamboo all the time, in the old days.. these are about 30 ~ 40 years ago. Unfortunately its getting harder to come by these days.

  8. Affnan. I have a basic "solar fountain kit" which was bought for RM130. Bought it at MidValley. You can look for it at Mudah dot com. The head is only 1.5 feet, but it serves the hassle of pulling long electric cables from the mains.
    You can ask/buy bamboos from orang asli at Bt 12-13 Gombak.

  9. @acanov, thanks for the tips. It worth the try.