Elusive Tilapia Fry

Rearranging my home kit pots, what do you know.. ! few Tilapia fry in the growbed. This growbed I do not have gravel in it but pots with gravel. So there is water where gravel not present.

Few Tilapia was seen in this bed. How on earth it get there and survive ? Could it be the eggs got suck by the pump and deposit it there or could it be the fry itself got transported to the bed.

Few shots that I manage to capture, they are hiding and a bit difficult to catch.
I will need to wait for them to grow bigger before catching and put them in a proper place.
This growbed drain to about 1/2 inches of water so they are able to survive in it.


  1. Frankly speaking, if it is me who find such thing I will be very happy. I like to see things develop naturally under my observation, and control. Nice, and looking forward for updates, insha'Allah!!

  2. Thanks Aquaponicar for comment, I need to ensure they will survive, once bigger they cannot stay in the growbed anymore.. :)

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