Tilapia - Harvest of The Year - Part I

31st Dec 2010 is a reason for celebration, one year has passed by and all is well. Hope next year will be better for all.

This last harvest of the year, I am catching all Tilapia and other fish, I will select about 20 breeder for keeping and the rest will be for a BBQ and Fermented Fish.
 Those are the fishes, I already reduce amount of water in tank so that they are easily catch.
 There are about three Red Tail Catfish and few other type.
One lone Yabbies survived out of the six that I purchased a while back.
Holding Tank ready and next is the hard work.


  1. Yabbies. They eat vegetable matter (we use lupin seeds and chicken feed pellets among other things) and some prefer to graze on algae so anything that grows algae in the water is good for them. But the point of aquaponics is to avoid algae consuming the nutrients in the water. And so the yabbies are in less than ideal conditions for them. I have a few in a water tank and they thrive in there, I'm actually hoping they'll be good little yabbies and multiply so that next year I can start breeding and raising them in earnest.

  2. Hi ted, I put 6 in there only one survived.. I am editing the videos... :)

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