Conceptual 3D Rendering of Aquaponics - Abhar Amir Alias

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The following picture are interesting 3D rendering by Abhar Amir Alias. The siphon below is an improvement in my initial design. He has included a strainer guard that will hold the strainer in place instead of having to use Silastic or other adhesive.
Its more or less same, however the strainer do not need to make all the holes to the top. The most critical part is the lower 1/3. This is where all water need to channel towards the siphon bell.
Bottom part of siphon not shown. Bottom piece is equally as important in a siphon. It will form a balance mechanism to ensure adequate aeration, water cut off and starting of siphon.
3D rendering of NFT, as some practice in Aquaponics
Flood and drain growbed and Deep Water Culture (DWC) below.
Another view of Deep Water Culture below.
DWC below.
I wish I had the time to learn these Drawing software.


  1. which software is being used? so to invest some time in it?
    is it SketchUp from google?

  2. Looks like Google SketchUp to me.

  3. @Aquaponicar, I have no idea. Maybe the Author will respond

  4. Yes sketup 7 that's what he said

  5. Bro Affnan.... how to define "deep water culture"? how deep it is?

  6. @yaniaman, I don't practice DWC. However generally is the practice of using floating rafts on top of water in a container or tank. How deep ? (please don't compare to deep sea fishing). IMHO it should be deep enough to ensure plants root are not confine and should be able to dangle without restriction. I should say around 1 to 1.5 feet sufficient. Deeper than this may be a waste due vast amount of water needed. youtube videos showing commercial scale DWC are deeper, but this is commercial scale.. for enthusiast it should not reach more than what I mentioned.

  7. Which software is being used? so to invest some time in 3D Rendering?
    is it SketchUp from google?

  8. We like your work !!
    All the best from Croatia.



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