Tilapia - Harvest of The Year - Part II

From Part I : The Hard work start..

Took me sometime to get all the Tilapia out, you can see from the video I short of breath.... Phew... :) Having a cold makes matter worst.

One good thing about having a backyard fish tank is that, you know exactly what goes into their feed. I don't buy Catfish or Tilapia from the market... :)

Trying hard to get all those fishes.
Amir, Ayshah and Shafiyyah (nearest) looking at the fishes. They made lots of noises in the video. Well they are excited too.
All covered up, I'll sort them tomorrow. Those bigger ones will be for Barbeque and I'll keep the medium size as Breeder. I need to ensure there will be more  females than males to keep.

Those smaller are the ideal size to turn them into Traditional Malay Fermented Fish (Pekasam) this is only for the brave, but around the world there are many type of Fermented fish made. Almost every continent has their own Pekasam over here is the same. 

I'll make a video on it, so that future generation will know how to make these delicacies
These 3 Yellow Tail Catfish (Patin) are the first for the pot.... each weighing about 1 kilo.
Yummy,, Asam Pedas Patin - Yellow Tail Catfish Asam Pedas.. with Cherry Tomatoes from back yard.

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