Tilapia - Breeding Part II

I did a short write up on Tilapia breeding, well its an attempt to get them to breed on this post. It was almost impossible to see any new fingerlings or fry since I have Yellow Tail Catfish (Patin) together in the tank. This catfish feed on Tilapia fry.

I isolate few mature Tilapia in my home kit and as previous post they breed but, only a few survived and transported to growbed and stay there.
Above my home kit, all plants removed and I am about to clean it, to my surprise there are hundreds of fry swimming around inside the main tank.
There were eight Tilapia in there and I manage to get all out, not one die during this short stay they were in there. What better they breed.
Fry every where, I need to put all these fry in a safe place so, no other choice but to scoop them away.
Easy does it.
Temporarily placed them in a basin and I need to buy another aerator to ensure they will not die.
Not many but its enough to restock, and once I know how to do it.. its then just a matter of refining to make it better.

I let those bigger pellets soak and eventually dissolved in this basin to provide food, they will require different feed, those more powdery stuff.
Those fingerling in top growbed I need to get them in a better place. This growbed I will transformed into Tilapia breeding nursery bed.


  1. where are you located from? I'm here now in JB. I want to try to set up a small scale aquaphonics in our house. please guide me to it. I want to learn from you and if possible send me some fingerlings.. :) here is my email address. tisan_sports@yahoo.com

  2. Francisss I am located in Shah Alam

  3. en.afnan..talapia nie smua utk dijual ke?..sebab saya pon nk setup aquaponics dekat rumah..

    1. Saya bela untuk kegunaan, sendiri sahaja.. saya tidak jual kerana susah nak pek disebabkan tiada bekalan oxsigen.

  4. I wish for the great of success in all of our destiny endeavors