Its War !!

No.. North didn't cross over to the South yet... or any nuke flying around in the North East. It this white flies (Bena Putih) they are invading my growbed.
I did not spray anything yet, resort to hand picking. Looks like they are winning the battle.
These ugly white flies are a nightmare to me, I need to get something to get them off my set.
It took some time for them to attack these Cherry Tomatoes and now they started to multiply. May need to look for some organic spray.
Even on the stems. I hand pick where ever possible.
Its going to be a big mess.
Someone told me use soapy water, does it work.. ??
They multiply very fast... short of time. I'm flying off to Singapore tomorrow for a week. Hope its don't get much worst during that period.


  1. well, soapy water might work for you. Generally speaking, you can virtually kill any insect (not including big cockroaches).
    The reason behind that is that most insects form sort of oily shield around their bodies, and insect generally (not all if I am not mistaken) breath through their bodies or sort of. So, when you spray soap on them you are actually strangling them to death because soap react with the oil on their bodies and remove it from this shield somehow and you end up with a dead insect. But don't use it excessively as this might transfer to your grow-bed and harm your system.
    Last word, What I wrote here is just a rough reading through the Internet with a successful attempt in fighting certain kinds of bugs without using chemicals that might harm me or my kids.

  2. Soap and fish don't play well with each other. Just be careful with the overspray.

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