Update 30th Dec - General

Those Cherry tomatoes are dying, and I need to carefully ensure no ammonia spike in tank and what needed is to reduce the number of fish.
What made it worse is the last few weeks I am away and very busy with work and  not able to maintain my set properly.
Today I cleaned all the pumps and drained out part of water in tank, since now is rainy season. I do not need to add water it will be added naturally.
A 15mm pipes is handy to slowly drained tank into nearby drain. It will stop once the desired level reached.
All is not bad, Asparagus is growing slowly. Must see how it turn out. These asparagus will take a long time to grow.
Over this next few weeks I will gradually remove those cherry tomatoes and plant something else. It's also best time for me to redo some of my growbed and all those Tilapias I will harvest. Some of it will be for the New Year's BBQ and few more I'll be making it into traditional Malay pickle.

I'm thinking of making a video of the pickling process.. :)