Update 10/10/13 - Replanting My Growbed

Redo all my growbed after last disaster with aeration pump causing me to prematurely harvest a lot of Tilapia. Luckily the fish was scoop up in time before they perish. This time I allocate each growbed to a single type of plant with short term and long term plants to easily care for their growth.
The far most growbed I planted Cekur Manis as below, it's a simple plant easily grow from cuttings. This plants will provide abundant vegetable for own use.
The next growbed has Turmeric, this plant is for their leaves and root use in Asian cooking as flavouring. They are yet to recover from too low water within the growbed. I forgot to put an extender on my siphon standpipe :)
Then the center growbed has mixed herb for daily use.
Then there is this empty growbed, this is for short term vege like kailan, Bayam and etc. below growbed already sown with Bayam and Kailan seeds.
Final growbed is filled with Kuchai or Chinese Chives. This growbed was a replacement for the one that I sold off for an exhibition, it still not fully mature and the Kuchai show sign lacking of nutrient. It will recover but will takes another month or two.
I will need to tidy up, keep everything neat and just harvest what ever produce. There will be slight adjustment needed to the spacing of these growbed to make it uniform in its spacing.

Fish, I added more Lampam (Tinfoil Barb) in the Return tank nearest and in the further Return Tank all Tilapia. The Feeder tank (centre) I only left few Tilapia to ensure no mosquito breed. I am considering to use this tank for Cray, but I need to ensure it has a good covering. Crayfish will climb up and escape if it's not done properly.

Right that's it for now.

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