Fresh Fingerling - Tilapia & Jelawat

Went to International Aquatics for some fish, this is closest to my place so it's most convenience. My intention was to look for some Crawfish but they don't stock any at the time. So get myself few Tilapia and Jelawat.
Jelawat is Hoven's Carp as it's called in English got a few today for my Aquaponics setup. I will mixed these with Lampam. This fish requires the tank to be covered, they are notorious for jumping.
They labeled these Tilapia as Gold Tilapia, looks like the normal Red Tilapia to me, bought a few and it's slightly bigger than the normal 1" fingerling.
I placed the Tilapia in my CRAFTS feeder tank, here they are in their new home.
These fishes is adding to my present fish due to few fish died due to aerator pump failure. 

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