Perng Leng Chuah High Rise Aquaponics System

This setup belong to Mr. Perng Leng Chuah of Aquaponics Malaya group, it is in a Condo setting on its balcony. This setup was done in June 2013 and has been running with a single water pump and an aeration unit.
It is a small setup, with 2 growbed over a fish tank. This is what we consider a basic media base setup but sufficient to provide all the knowledge of a bigger sets.
Aquaponics is one method of planting that is suitable on high rise building and fish that comes with it is an added bonus. It's a good way to let kids get involved in planting and fish keeping even in with limited planting space. These next few photos is a joy to see, when we could give our children these activity.

So those living in high rise don't let space hamper your ability to plant and fish keeping, Aquaponics is the way to go in Urban Surrounding.

Photo courtesy of Perng Leng Chuah, check out his post in Aquaponics Malaya Forum

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