NASOM Installation

NASOM is The National Autism Society of Malaysia, this is a non government organization (NGO) that do charitable work for people with Autism.

Recently they contacted me, and are interested with Aquaponics as a source for therapeutic and stress relief for Autism and normal people alike. That part of Aquaponics never look at by anyone and I guess it is a very good idea from them.

So without much hesitation I agree to assist, they procured most parts with list that I gave and I made a couple of siphon for their installation.

Installation was done on 5th October 2013
For a start I am setting up a basic set, which is a two media filled growbed over a fish tank. Each of the growbed drained via siphon into the fish tank. This is the most basic to start with, and as they progress we'll see how it goes.
NASOM staff and Assistant General Manager En Osman Teh (far left) busy with rack installation. The angle iron are very well cut by their suppliers. Its a small setup but just nice as a starter and great to get others introduced into Aquaponics.
Typical siphon installation for their growbed.
Washing and putting hydroton on one of the two growbed.
Completed set above.
Tilapia provided by Mr. Shashi Kumar of Aquaponics Malaya FB Group.
Tilapia in the tank.
Mr. Shashi Kumar, Myself and Mr. Osman Teh after set completed. I'll let them run it for few weeks and make a visit again. However if they have problem then they are free to give me a shout.

Will post their progress from time to time.

Note : Some photos I pinch from FB Aquaponics Malaya courtesy of Mr. Shashi Kumar.


  1. Boleh saya tahu cawangan NASOM mana satu? Tq

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