Affnan's Bug Fountain

Another one of my crazy idea ! It's a "Bug Fountain", what is suppose to do is to attract insect at night with a glowing water stream and hopefully wash them down into my fish tank. That's the theory anyway. It could be another blunder :)
This is conceptual, I don't know whether it will work or not. Fountain Head below with LED attached.
Break down of fountain head. That holed down spout may not be needed.
Upper cap, where I drilled a 5mm hole for the LED. I may need to use T10 Blue LED which is more powerful.
Bagful of goodies, LED Amber in colour and some load resistor from previous project. It's hopeless I need Blue LEDs.
Testing LED in the cap, amber and it's not bright enough.
Here it is on test.
And here it is in the dark, no way an insect can see it. May need to do some other way. What if I use those car waterproof light strip
The video below.

Wonder if I dangle this light strip below will attract insect to the water.


  1. Howdy! How about the light hanging down surrounded by a spray of water?

  2. The led needs to be in the water mass or it will be defracted. Try putting the led right in the elbow without raising. This way you avoid it being in a bubble of air trapped at the top.
    hope this helps.