When to International Aquatics trying to see whether they have Jade Perch... nope... not a chance.. you out of luck .. we not going to do that fish.... at the moment.

Ok... then I'll have those Yabbies please.

Five Yabbies in a bag,, they are scavenger so any dead fish... will be taken care off.. by these guys.


  1. Hi Affnan,

    Are your yabbies still in your system?

  2. @Mark, only one left, it has grown up. I'll buy few more. Those that I bought was probably eaten by those Yellow tail Catfish.

  3. Selamat Datang, Affnan!
    I've been speaking to an American who believes you can't polyculture yabbies and tilapia. From your experience, do you think yabbies will bother tilapia, or tilapia will eat yabbies? I want to get some redclaws!