Gutter Growth Bed Redo - Part 1

Today I manage to cut the gutter in two, emptied it of all the pebbles and cut it in half (almost)

That small piece on left I cut-off due damaged, I suspect its from fallen debris from the renovation work because its damage from outside and look like it was hit by something. Luckily its more towards the end, so use hack saw and cut off then divide by two.

Each half is about 6 ft long and it will be easier to manage water feed and outflow since its shorter. So next will be putting the end fittings and water inlet and drain.

I need to figure out how to do flood and drain on this, have some idea but got to see whether its workable or not since the grow bed is on the brick wall.

I need to try above, the diagram is a simplified layout something like barrelponics with toilet cistern but a bell valve replace the cistern. NFT style not really good for previous set up I was testing, uneven water distribution, overflowing and rotting smell.

Water drain for the Gutter need to be on the side for my installation due no access from below.

Above is the gutter end cap, drill hole with hole saw. I should have drill on opposite side for better pipe route to the fish tank, well I only have one shot at this. Next one I'll do it better.

Above shown with 15 mm tank adapter in place, I have to use RTV sealant on the adapter due gutter end cap is not flat there are some uneven area around the hole.

This is how the inside part look like, with 2 stand pipe and 15 mm pipe with lots of holes.

Same thing from another angle.

Quickie patch up, previous holes I use that smaller piece from the gutter damaged end and make a patch repair with pipe bonding cement.

That it for now, above few photos are  from my phone, camera battery went dead just before these photo shot

Gutter Growth Bed Part 2


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