Updates - 6th March 2010

Today my daughter 11th Birthday...  Happy Birthday Ayshah.. 

Updates - 6th March

These last few days nothing much happening, Neighbor's house on the back the renovation in progress. Its will takes another month to complete  so its a bit of a mess on the back alley, a little discomfort for me to do much. 

This is norm, most people in the neighborhood renovate their home. It could be my turn next, that's difficult unless I manage to get hold of another property to do my Aquaponics.

The heat is still severe during the day for some of my plants, so decide to make a better shade. This shade cover two of my growbed and I use Electrical conduit PVC tubing as frame, they are much cheaper than wood.

I replanted these fern in the gutter about 4 weeks ago, they are not doing well. 

The heat and problem with drainage don't help. I need to redo this, most probably later today I need to cut this gutter into 3 parts and hope the drainage issue solve.

Water over flowing the gutter instead of going out thru its overflow pipes. This gutter I am testing the NFT style of Aquaponics, maybe I am too ambitious of this gutter and over do the length. I have no other choice but to reduce its length and check its drainage again.

Above maize, its been 3 days already I soak it and no sign of germination yet. This foil pack supermarket seeds are vacuum dried, probably this is why it took so long to germinate. It need to soak up moisture then start to grow. I am trying maize next on one of the grow bed.

In the past, (ok this is more then 40 years ago) I planted maize. What we did maize are soak overnight and then we plant it in soil. The reason for this soaking is to see which maize germinate. Then we only plant the good one. This is a good way to avoid redoing the planting where you have bad seed.

Above method is only practical on small plot of land, on the commercial scale.., forget it.



  1. Do you have the gutter tilted at a slope 1/2? I think I read somewhere that you need this slope to get the nutrients to flow to all the plants. I'm not sure how this will affect your drain, but maybe it is worth a try?

  2. @Clint, Yes its best to have it slanting for good water draining. My problem is of the severe limitation on my growing space and on top of that wall is what's left.

    I am making a flood and drain for this gutter and NFT I'll redo again on a smaller scale, probably using PVC tubes and have them angle for better drainage.

    Thanks for your comment