Update 27th March 10 - Part 2

My mum gave me three Pandan Sapling, I decide to temporarily put them in my recently cleaned growbed. 

These are small sapling and they could grow big. Pandan leaves gives aroma and flavor to cakes and dishes.

Currently temperature in the high, I will plant one of these Pandan Palm on the ground so that it will grow bigger.

Tilapia, no issue with them. I yet to confirm if any breed. I've added fresh fingerling. Now I can't tell the different. 

I will not add any more Tilapia fingerling, I want them to breed. Then I can learn more on Tilapia Breeding.

These Celery are in my Homekit, they are out numbered by Mint and Kesum.

I plant these from root cuttings, those bits that you cut off when you want to use the Celery in dishes. This Celery is different from its bigger cousin that normally found in supermarkets, which are wonderful for salads.

These are the Chinese Celery, they are thinner and lean but more flavor and aromatic.


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