Homekit Update - 13th March 2010

I am going for a week vacation, taking the kids to the beach and down to the south of Malaysia. A quickie post to update my home kit. I trimmed all plants and its starting to recover.

Mint below recovering and started to populate the growbed again.

Chinese Celery below besides the mint. This one I grow from root cutting, slow to grow but showing sign of progress.

The gravel on this Homekit is a bit small, wish I use bigger pebbles more during the mix. Smaller pebbles can easily clogged.

Photo above Vietnamese Coriander, Tumeric and Water Celery

Tilapia in the Homekit, I have transfer some of it to the main tank what left about 20 - 30 fingerling, 1 or 2 KOI and a Barb.

Sambung Nyawa above not in the Homekit, these are in my main setup. Just to show its recovering from last week ordeal with the hot sun blazing and now a little less heat.

Tumeric plants, also in my main setup. They are sprouting new shoots. Tumeric need shade and they are also sensitive to water logged soil. Cutting OFF the pump at night helps with Tumeric, it gives them a period of dryness.

Cheer - I am OFF for a week..

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