Pump Cleaning - Resun Penguin 4500

Last I clean the pump was in September, thats about 5 months ago. Its still running fine, I am going on a trip in 2 weeks time and I feel its time to do some pump maintenance.

Its full of fish poo but its still going strong, cleaned and full flow again. This is a 110 watt 220 V AC Single Phase Pump rated at 4500 L/Hr at 0 head.

Once done, throw it back in and switched it ON, as mentioned before I switches OFF this pump at night this could be the reason why its such a long period in between cleaning.

I need to top up the Fish Tank,, about 1 ft of water needed.


  1. Affnan, Great site and lots of information. I have two 250 gallon fish tanks feeding a dozen grow beds, and have a 55 gallon bio-filter to help balance the system until additional grow beds can be added.

    One observation, it would be very helpful when discussing pump capacity, to use flow rates (i.e. liters/gallons per minute/hour) instead of watts. It has been my experience that some pumps have a higher wattage rating and a low flow rate due to the pumps inefficiencies.

    Thanks for the information and keep up the great work.

  2. @Mr.
    Thanks for the feedback Mr.. your point on the pump is true, will have pump flow rates on posting.

  3. Affnan, I've been trying to build your siphon for a number of days now. I have had great trouble finding the 1" to 2" adapter that goes on the standpipe. My grow bed is only 33L. Should I try and go smaller? Do you have any suggestions on where I can find the adapter?

  4. As long as you could get something that can make a funnel like adapter it should work. It could be difficult to get in your location. The size is a rough estimate a 2:1 ration on the step down is ideal.

    I've seen people make it out of mineral water bottle as an adapter, or something like it.

    33L grow bed you can go half the size, but just take note the water inlet will need to be reduce also.

  5. Hello Affnan-
    You have mentioned many times that you turn your pump(s)off at night.(8pm - 7am) Do you use a separate air pump for aeration of the fish tanks? -Thanks Dan

  6. @Dan. I have a separate aerator during the night, its switches ON by photo switch, on a separate circuit from the water pump which is on a Timer. I also have another Powerhead that run together with water pump to provide aeration, this I only use as an when required.

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