Aquaponics - Pruning Tomatoes

Tomatoes is an easy plant to grow, and they are one of the favorite with Aquaponics. Good crop will depend on whether they have enough nutrient and sunlight.

Those they get from Aquaponics bed and the sun, we can assist on having a good growth by pruning the plant to have a strong and healthy crop.

How do you prune a tomato plant ?

Steps below are general guideline that being practice on how to do it.
Tomatoes do well if they have only one main stem. We need to prune any shoots that grow from the main stem, as shown in picture above. This will ensure a healthy main stem.
Once the plant start to flower, we need to prune the shoot immediately above the first leave after the flower, as shown.
Photo above shows the shoot already cut, leaving the leave above the flower. After this 2 shoots will grow at that point. Remove one and leave the other to grow.
The shoot will grow into main stem and start to flower. Repeat the process again, cutting the shoot above the leave above the flower.

This method is for a fast growing type of tomatoes, for slow growing variety. After the first cut let both the shoot grow into 2 main stem. After that maintain as above to have only 2 main stem.

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