Aquaponics - Bell Valve Update

As in previous post, with multiple grow beds and a single pump will be a bit of a nightmare to do the water balancing. Dynamically each bed water inflow will be affected by adjustment of the other.

As such out of the 4 grow bed, 1 gives me endless problem with its flushing action. The other 3 work without fail. The last bed the one black in color will not cutoff water.

The water will continue to be balance in and out causing a low water situation in the bed. This is a no-go for me.

  • Update : This alteration to the bell dome is no longer required, the cause of that one growbed don't work so well is already rectified : Here
I need to find a remedy for this problem. I have tried extending the down pipe, increasing the water level using extender, installing a reducer on the down tube all do not work.

Its been unreliable for the last 1 week, the irony is the other 3 works and continue to work and they are all identical.

Finally, I decided to drill a Breather Hole, 1 inch from the base of the Bell, as in photo. This allow an offset to the water balance that refuse to stop, at last it cut out without fail.

So if anyone having same scenario, just try this one. I am trying to redo part of the Bell Valve to eliminate this occasional "Odd One Out" Bell Valve. In the mean time this is a "patch" for it.

Bell Valve How to

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