Aquaponics - Updates 5th July

New setup almost there, grow beds in position with water inlet done. I am testing this setup, Bell valve in place but not finalized.

Water feed are subdivided using ball valve few adjustment needed to get it equalized between grow beds.

I have done 3 grow beds, 4th will be added later from the old set, and that flexible tubing just water returning to tank due excess.

Water feed to grow bed will be via tube buried within the grow media, that will need to be done next.

Bell Valve in position, outer tube that white tube are drilled only few rows on the bottom. I am not that happy with this tube it's a bit thin, thinner then the one I use previously so its difficult to glue to grow bed.
Bottom of grow bed, with water outlet from Bell Valve. That slanting tube is from pump to feed manifold. One of the bed is flushing.

BTW, those that want to make the Bell Valve as illustrated in my previous post. It is best to have the water outlet at an angle as it leave the grow bed. Photo above is an example of such angled outlet.
Excess water just let it return. I am thinking of using rain gutter on top of the brick wall to have more grow beds , then I may use grow pipe style of planting in those gutter.

Prefilter not installed, that's next in to do list.

Scraps, PVC collected over the months of experimenting and redoing. Never discard these, I reuse and if anything new to try I use it again.


  1. Hi Affnan, If you get a chance to answer a question: Why is it best to have the water outlet at an angle as it leaves the grow bed? Thank you.

    BTW, I have a similar collection of scraps after a month or two of experimenting! So far my spouse hasn't complained too much = )

    Paul in Sacramento, California, USA

  2. A million dollar question I guess,

    I've tried straight down tube , its difficult to flush with low water inflow. Then you will require more water to start the flush, in this case it may be difficult to stop.

    That angle, will cause slight back pressure on water flowing out and in a way will also reduce air from flowing up tube (due to water bottle neck at the angle)preventing siphon from occuring at low water flow.

    If horizontal tube is long its then best to give it some incline.