Paku - Athyrium esculentum

Athyrium esculentum is an edible fern, the fronds and fiddle heads are all edible, due to this I decided to head for the swamp and get myself few of these fern and plant them in my aquaponics growth bed.

Today, I'm busy getting them ferns and planting it in, this particular fern thrive in swampy area, therefor I guess they will make good aquaponics plant, they filter water very well.

In the Philippines they are called "Pako", here in the Malay Peninsular we call them "Paku", the similarity very close, that's because we are more or less the same people.

Lets see whether I can successfully grow this fern. I use the rhizome not spores, next time I'll try spore propagation. Spore propagation is interesting and you can get plenty young fern if its done correctly however it will takes longer for the fern to mature.

Fern is a very fascinating plant, careful do not pick the poisonous variety for the dinner table :(

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