Bell Valve - How to

This is how the bell valve in my previous videos made. Its a very simple design, with no moving parts.

I make this valve as "Open-source" for the benefit of the Aquaponics Enthusiast Community, and if anyone decide to use this design, appreciate if you could give some credit for designing this.

It took me about 6 months of experimenting with various design to finally satisfied with this final product.

Check here for updates on my valve : Bell Valve Update

Valve : Explained


  1. Affnan..great bell valve design..trying to make one as we speak. question: What size hole did you drill all around the bottom of the bell valve?

    Jim (Canada)

  2. Roughly 1 inch diameter, I use a hole saw 22mm in size.

  3. Love the design! I have used it on 2 new grow beds and they work perfectly every time. I converted one of my problem siphons and now no problems! I am also working on building a big system, here is the link if your interested:

    Nam-Ha Quach