Aquaponics - Video Update

I've transferred all the fishes from the old tank to the new

The Old tank I've 100+ Puyu (Climbing Perch) fingerlings , 25 Red Tilapia fingerlings , 20 Patin (Yellowtail catfish) fingerlings and 20 Jelawat (Mad Barb) fingerlings

In the Canvas tank I have 15 Kelah (Malaysian Mansheer) 20 Patin (Yellowtail Cat Fish) 30 Lampam (Tinfoil barb) , Puyu (Climbing Perch), 10 Sepat (Gourami) and few Koi

The growth bed, I am starting to plant, I'll take sometime for the system to mature and reach a good balance so meanwhile I expect the plant will not do well.


  1. where can i buy tilapia fingerlings in Klang valley areas?

    1. You can try here :