Aquaponics - Fresh Vegetable

Fresh vegetable from the Aquaponics growth bed, mint and selom. I ate them raw just after picking, how fresh can you get :)

There is sign of iron deficiency in the veg, I need to do something about this. Either Chelated Iron (expensive) or old rusty nails (cheap) or Fish Blood (messy) .., these are the remedy.


  1. I've heard of taking a piece of angle iron from the hard ware store and sanding it done to the metal and leaving it in the water. Each day go and clean the rust off into the water. Have yet to try this myself. Picture above looks great!

  2. @darrinneagoy, yes I put scrap iron in the fish tank. It reduce the yellowing of leaves.

  3. I think those rebar rods used in concrete structure should be pure enough. Have to be careful about metal nails as most has coating of nickel, zinc, or something that may turned out toxic.
    Affnan, I'm not sure if you have planted mint conventionally before using dirt/soil, are mint /vegetables grown in Aquaponics grow very much quicker?