Doing Few More Rosemary

My first trial of Rosemary fail, since its roots got water damage and I was at the time using pebbles as the media for planting. Recently manage to get encouraging result and this prompt me to try more. I am using hydroton and in pots this time round.

It grow slowly, but enough to give hope that it may just work. I'll repeat the same style of growing from cutting in hydroton and place them in the gutter growbed.

Fresh cutting taken from the base plant and prepared for planting.

Cuttings needs to be stripped of their leaves on the lower part rooting hormone used prior to sticking them in the pot.

Cluster of three cuttings in a pot and hopefully all will survive, from last trial all made it.

Temporarily potted cuttings are placed in the CRAFTS set growbed, once I have space in the gutter growbed they will be reposition there.

I use Rosemary mainly for roast chicken.. they smell delicious.

Cuttings are sheltered with pots as in my Aquaponics Tips.

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