Bawang Dayak Update

I planted few pots of Bawang Dayak on 2nd of August and today I am checking to see what happening to the plants.

One pot, I place in the gutter growbed and it's time to split it into two pots.

As a comparison another pot I planted in coco peat soil mix and placed it in the gutter growbed, its not doing that good compared to the ones in hydroton.

Few photos of the bawang dayak in the hydroton filled pot.

 Checking the roots to see any sign of root rot or any abnormality with it.

Looking good and there are signs of new bulb emerging from the cluster.

Another shot.

This plant is mainly use as a medicinal herb and not use for day to day cooking. I'll be planting four pots of this in the gutter growbed as an ornamental plant for now.

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