Aquaponics Tips - Sowing Seeds

Many people has been asking me how do I sow seeds for Aquaponics, whether I sow them in soil or directly to growbed. Well it all depends on type of seeds, if it extremely small like Lettuce seeds I'll probably sow them in soil first.

If Cili, Tomatoes, Kailan, Okra etc I'll sow directly to the growbed. Those cheap seeds I'll sow direct regardless of size, because sometimes it just not worth the extra trouble of preparing a seed tray. It is your choice whichever is convenient to you.

Now it's time for me to sow few seeds, since I have one vacant growbed to use. These seeds has been kept for quite a while, so I had to use most of it rather quickly before it expires.

All the seeds I sprinkle directly to growbed for these sowing, I have too many to use so, just sow more than I need. Cili, Kailan, Okra and few other vegetable seeds directly to growbed.

Few will grow, that's all that I wanted.

After all seeds has been sprinkle onto the hydroton I'll use my fingers to "rake" them over to get them down to water level. It is also best to stop siphon action by maintaining water level at top of standpipe.

If your growbed water level is low, meaning your growbed dry zone is deep, it is important that you water the seeds daily until they germinate. If this dry zone is shallow the seeds can reach water then it's not required to water.

Sometimes when I sow in potted hydroton, I'll remove a layer of hydroton until I can see water reaching surface then I will sow the seeds at that level after which I'll cover the seeds with the earlier removed hydroton.

So that's how I do it, will update this post once seeds germinate and at transplanting.

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