Aquaponics Tips - Simple Transplanting Tool

This tool I made during the days that I uses pebbles instead of hydroton in my growbed. Pebbles are very hard and heavy, they will damage seedling if we are not careful during planting.

(Photo to be added here)

The tool are made from PVC pipe and uses to force the pebbles from the seedling during planting. With hydroton this may not be needed, but for the sake of those that uses pebbles as growbed media, this tool can be helpful.

A repost video below.

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  1. Hi Affnan,

    Is there any way to contact you (i.e. an email address or mobile number)

    Would like to meet up in person and talk about aquaponics. I am interested in starting up my own system :)

    1. It is best to join the local aquaponics community on FB.