Testing New Pump For The Ornamental Set

Few types of pump tested on the ornamental set ranging from Alpha 1000, Alpha 500 and the Venusaqua E3302. Since I am trying to use the smallest siphon for the Ornamental set the Alpha 1000 and Venusaqua pump were not suitable due to the large flow rate.

The Alpha 500 works with the small siphon (15mm) but this pump construction make its maintenance high. The rotor is held by a shaft anchored at one end leaving the other unsupported and it is prone to cavitation. However it has been tested for almost eight month and still running. It only requires constant up keeping.

Test a different pump today a Sunsun HJ-600, an 8 watt pump with a flow rate of 600 Liter per hour maximum at zero head.

List of pump parts below.

The HJ-600 Specification.

The HJ-600 output verses height.

This pump has a front dial to adjust output. It does work, on my ornamental set with 15mm siphon I set it to slightly above the minus mark.

Side view, this pump is in 3 section, the front is the intake with the grille and flow adjuster. The mid section where the pump impeller vane and the front spindle support, with the back part house the motor coil and the permanent magnet rotor.

On the body it is rated at 10watt, oh well.. and the height max is 1.5 m, not bad for a small pump.

The other side of the pump.

Mid section after the grille removed.

The front part where the grille and flow adjuster.

To remove the mid section, quarter turn it anti-clockwise and it it detach from the body.

Exposing the impeller and rotor.

The impeller is different from Alpha series where this design reminds me of turtle climbing from a hole.

Shaft is stainless steel, to small for a ceramic but it is significantly larger that anything in its class. With larger spindle shaft pump will last longer.

Rotor removed exposing the housing which has a hols ad the beck for the shaft pivot point.

The back with hold for the shock mount rubber. This design should makes it easier to clean the mousing since we can have a water path right through.

All the attachment came with the pump, not in picture is a filler sponge.

Pump assembled, ready for installation.

What's left not required for operation.

In the water and will be tested for few months under actual aquaponics setup.

First flush.

Water in rate as at slightly above the minus sign and only after prolong use I will know how good is this pump for this set.

There you go,

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