Fresh Fish For Ornamental Set

After a redo of the Ornamental set, it's time for some fish. Bought few Pacu and Barb for the two set and the third already has few tilapias.

Pacu above are at about 2 inches, they can grow big. Later I'll move them if needed.


Leaving the fish to adjust to water temperature.

The water due to smaller space are warmer as compared to my larger sets.


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    1. Recommended to read this blog and other like it to get more info. :)

  2. Hi there, where do you go to buy the fishes ? I'm planning to start a set myself thx 😊

    1. Hi Chris

      Thanks for the comment, for me I bought them in various aquarium shop in Klang Valley area. Mostly from the Shah Alam Sg Buluh Green Lane area and the small township of Subang at the old airport. However all this depends on where you are staying. I purchase in small number so any aquarium shop will do.