Sambung Nyawa Restocking

Sambung Nyawa plants has good medicinal properties hence I will always has it planted in my aquaponics set. One of the growbed I had to cleared up and replant tomatoes, in that I had to remove the existing plants and this include the Sambung Nyawa plants.
Took it out of the growbed, since I had it in pot it's easier to do.
Cut its branches and gave the Tilapia a treat.
In 24 hours those branches will be strip clean.
Those few remaining branches, cut the shoots for planting.
It's an easy plant to grow, stick it in hydroton is that is needed and plant it in a temporary area.
Two pots is all that is requires.
Temporarily placed amongst the newly planted tomatoes.
It will be transferred to larger pot once the plant has shown sign of growth.

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