Aquaponics Tips - Silencing the Ornamental Set

With much of the experimenting over on the Ornamental set, it time for reducing its outlet sound. At times the siphon outlet can be loud and it's no different on this smaller set. The easiest way to reduce the sound is to put a muffler end on the outlet.

Muffler end is made by drilling few holes on the outlet final downward tube , this works as to let air water mix and thus reducing the sound.

This muffler also act as an aerator giving much needed oxygen to the water. If needed to reduce noise and giving oxygen to water, this is the simplest way to do it.


  1. What happened to your strawberries? I don't see any updates, looks like you gave up on them or what!!!

    1. The extreme heat this year, killed all the plants. I decided to cut the loss and stop from proceeding further. I am making the new gutter system, this was suppose to be for the strawberry plants.

      I will retry again later once I can get hold on new batch of plants. With the gutter system I hope to control the setup better.