Aquapet Aquarium Shop

I was looking for a new pump few days ago and happen to visit this place Aquapet at 72B Selangor Green lane with gps : 3.154194, 101.556361
This place has many types of pump and ideal for finding the correct type needed for my Aquaponics set experiments.
Photo as follows, basically they are a large store doing Aquarium fishes and product.


  1. Hi, just to check, with this system. is raining water can make your water system not balance?? PH.. etc..? OR better to cover it ?

    1. Too much rain can wash away the nutrient in the water, however ever since I started Aquaponics I had never cover the system. It do not cause problem that can't be fix. So rain water is not much of a problem, no covering is required.

  2. Thanks for sharing. If I ever visited Malaysia again, I will make sure to visit this place. Wish I can meet you as well. InshaaAllah. Take care

  3. hi , now where you buy LECA (Hydroton)??