One More Bite The Dust

Another Alpha 1000 failed on the newly planted Tomato growbed. It has a hard life anyway running continuously for more than a year for my barrel set.
 Removed the pump and found the rotor shaft broke.
 The shaft has been ground to a needle point and detached from the supporting rubber mount.
 The permanent magnet rotor has deformed probably due to scrubbing the pump inner wall.
 That's a sharp point
 The rubber mount with broken shaft inside,
Replaced with a spare rotor, no time to change the entire unit. I need to keep an eye on this over the next 2 weeks, may need to replace to a new pump before the festive break next month.


  1. Kita punya astro 1000 masih bertahan hingga kini.
    Sekarang beralih ke kolam IBC dan ternak ikan jade perch.
    Harao astro 1000 dapat berkawan baik dengan ikan jade perch

    1. Like all china made pumps, so are good and some can fail after 1 week. So far ASTRO brand has been ok in their operation and durability.