Solar Powered Aquaponics

The 15 mm StrainerBell siphon has manage to reduce water inflow to growbed hence pump power required is less, it is now possible to make a low cost solar set up due to this. Price of solar panels and its equipment can be less if power requirement is below 20 to 30 watt.
Above diagrams is a simple setup which make use of the 15 mm StrainerBell siphon in a media base flood & drain  growbed over a fish tank and the following components;

  1. 12V/24V 3A/5A Charge Controller
  2. 12 VDC 5 watt DC Submersible pump
  3. 20 ~ 30 watt Solar Panels
  4. Battery

Item 1 ~ 3 total cost should not be more than USD 50.00 ~ 60.00 as in ebay, but the battery will be subjective either new or used.

Excess power from the solar panels is stored to the battery for over night use, the pump and charge controller estimated current requirement is less than 1/2 ampere at 12 volts DC.


  1. Hi En Affnan,
    I installed a timer based solar auto watering with soaker hose/drip system (depending on my plants' water requirement) and it has been running fine for the past 2 years.

    I would like to point out that you would need an inverter to convert VDC to VAC if you're using VAC appliances; and that inverter itself is quite pricey. I use only 12VDC submersible pump to keep the cost down as my system is configured to max of 24VDC only.

    Thanks to your YouTube video, I'm going to setup a soaker hose aquaponic system using coco chips/hydroton to plant salad vegetables. But I'm unsure if I should run the system 24/7 or with timer/light sensitive modules (which will pump when it detects light.

    Best regards,
    Andrew Lim

    1. Hi Andrew

      Thanks for the comment, I yet to make a usable solar system. It has been a busy year for me. this 2015.

    2. You can start with either continuous 24/7 and see then try the timer/light sensor and see if there any difference. 24/7 may use more power that's all.

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