It's Tilapia Time Again, This Time Deep Fried

This current batch of Tilapia a little slow to grow, maybe not enough feed. If it is fed too much then it will form more fat in the fish. So give it a lean diet to reduce this fat, fish in the wild don't get fed twice daily, they forage for food and eat what they find.
 Catch few Tilapia today and have it deep fried as a simple dinner.
Each of these are palm size and just nice for Malay cooking.
 It's easy to catch since my fish tank is only 4 feet in length and about 12 inches of water.
 Five Tilapia in the pail and next to get them clean and prepared.
 Fresh fish, once cleaned next step is to marinate them.
I use a simple old traditional way of marinating with salt, turmeric and a bit or tamarind to flavor the fish and get rid of the fishy smell.
  Let it stand for few minutes, like half an hour.
Deep fried the fish in oil until golden brown, it will give good aroma since the fish is fresh of the tank.
 While it's being fried, I prepare the final flavoring. Onion slice, Chili and some garlic these for the final fried together with the last piece. It doesn't matter with which, but I normally do it with the last fish.
 Last fish in..
 Those onion, chili and garlic (whole) ready for your turn.
 Turn over the fish, only then add the above to fried with the side needs cooking.
 Once fish cooked, remove it and switch off the flame and scoop up the garnishes to add on top of the cooked fish.
Walla.. it's ready.
Simple and fresh, take it with hot rice and some fresh vegetable salad.. it priceless.