Crawfish Tank & A 15mm StrainerBell Siphon

It has been sometime since I last tried Crawfish, that time I was not ready and don't know what to expect of this crustasean . With some time to spare this afternoon and many surplus tanks and pipes, I decide to make a tank for it and at the same time making a small 15 mm siphon to test. Killing two birds with a stone.. as they said it.
I am using existing water source to water the new addition and right return tank as support. Surplus Dickson bars or angle irons make a rack using return tank as support. This arrangement make the distance for water return to be very small. It will be difficult to make a siphon.
Using one of the surplus smaller tub which already has holes in it for water inlet and previous 25mm siphon. The 25 mm siphon I use a tank adapter and pvc piping to make a stand pipe since I am not using this siphon, it is just to close the hole.

The other hole was for 15 mm pvc piping, this is just right for the smaller siphon I am  testing. I made this siphon same as the 20 mm StrainerBell just that it is using smaller parts.
The shorter return creates problem with existing fittings, I had to cut it to length so that siphon outlet just above water line in the return tank.
For now I'm setting the siphon to operates at water height of 11 cm, no extender use. I do not want to use too much water since there is no hydroton in this tank. I think Crawfish don't need that much water, and having a flood and drain can keep them continuously supply with fresh water.
This siphon will drain water to about 2 cm, it is preset that way due to the vent on the inverted vent cowl used. BTW it is a 2 inches vent cowl and uPVC pipes, the 20 mm Siphon make use of 3 inches uPVC.
That's the 11 cm water mark, hope Crawfish will not manage to escape.
Water inflow is a trickle, and I "tee" from existing feed to the right growbeds on my CRAFTS set.
That's the completed 15 mm StrainerBell siphon and water feed.
Outlet flushing, I will need to test these. Since it is smaller the operating margin is much less. Water required is also very much less, making this siphon a good candidate for a gutter growbed system.
The completed crawfish tank with smallest siphon I made to test.

Next I will need a few Crawfish... :)

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