Update 8th Nov 2013

Rainy season is back, water will be surplus and with that will cause nutrient lack in my set due to overflow apart from that issue nothing been happening much.

Transplant some Bayam (Spinach) seedling, that I sow direct to growbed. Kailan seeds seems didn't sprout and few other just disappeared. I probably need to sow those in sowing tray next.
These seedling are quite fragile, with heavy down pour they could get damage.
This bayam consider as simple vegetable, I can only do Tomatoes after about 1 year of system operation the natural way, earlier that that it will not be good.
Cekur Manis above show sign of iron deficiency, rain water wash away nutrient in the tank. I need to look for more iron scrap or Chelated Iron will do too.
I am going to Dubai this 25th for a week, hopefully I can visit Sheikh Jabber Place to see their setup.


  1. Assalam .. , Tuan .
    Heavy downpour is coming for our area in the east coast . Let's be alert .
    Concerning sowing , it seems that I always failed to get the seeds sprouting whatever seed I use . Sowing medium also didn't make any difference , be it soil , sowing mix , potting mix , cocoa peat or growbed with gravel . Any explanation ?
    Could we say that yellowish leaves ( significant in your photo of cekur manis above ) are symptom of iron deficiency of our plants ?

    1. It is sign of Iron deficiency due to heavy down pour washing away minerals. I need to add iron. On your seeds, they may have expired. Try soaking some of them in water and see whether they germinate.

  2. Thanks for the reply .
    What is your preferred method of adding iron into the fish tank ?
    With regard to the seeds , I'm pretty sure that none of them have expired . I'll try soaking again , though I remember soaking several times before .
    Thanks again .

    1. For Iron I prefer to do it the old fashioned way, get scrap iron, however if fast result were needed it's best to use Chelated Iron.

  3. Perhaps some improvise make transparent shift cover?

    1. Yes, that can do. I still monitor if it's serious then I may need to do something.


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