Setup for a Neighbour

Last week was called to do some assessment on this concrete tank to see what I could recommend to minimised work required to keep this tank clean.
Above tank is about 900 gallon capacity with few fish to ensure no mosquito breed in it. I recommend growbed over this tank to minimise algae growth and keep it as simple as possible. Earlier today all items purchase by the owner and I just provide siphon installation and final tweak.
First of the two growbed, this tub is fibreglass and it's smaller than I normally use. I gave a shopping list, its owner purchased item so, just do what I can. The rack were specified for the blue plastic tub which is slightly bigger than this.
Not properly supported, the length and width need to be reduce by 3 inches to ensure better support. It then rains cat and dogs, that reduce my time to get things done. Oh well... there always another day.
Water outlet angled to create some water flow within the tank making a swirl to let solids settle near pump.
Water inlet a simple pipe at the moment, it rain so heavy I cannot complete the water setting to ensure good siphon action.
By the time this second growbed done, it's already quite late and i's time to stop. Water inlet for this growbed I put a temporary Ball Valve to get water balance right. The distance from pump to growbed is not equal, so need some adjustment and pump is also higher capacity.
Need to continue tomorrow for the water inlet adjustment, then it should works without much problem.

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